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How Do I Make This Bad Boy? 1. Place all the dry ingredients in a large metal bowl. Mix. 2. Create a well in the middle of your dry mixture. Add olive oil followed by the boiling water. 3. Quickly stir dry and wet ingredients. 4. Leave until cool enough for you to touch and knead. 5. You have two options. You can do one colour for one batch (that is a lot of one single colour) or like me you can separate the batch into a few balls and make different coloured smaller balls. If you wish to make one large batch I suggest you add the food colouring with the wet ingredients. If you wish to make a selection of colours out of one single batch then after creating your individual balls, make a well in the middle of each ball and add your desired colours. The amount of food colouring depends on wether you want a light coloured playdough or a vibrant coloured selection. This is completely up to you. Once you have added your food colouring knead until the dough and food colouring are mixed well and have an even colour. - Pastels and Macarons